Manufacturing or production is a process of transforming raw material into a product. It includes designing and producing products through various production methods and machines. Manufacturing activity is the backbone of a nation's development since it contributes between 20 - 30 percent of Gross National Product (GNP). Generally, as a nation's manufacturing activity increases, it will actually improve the standard of living of its populace. Manufacturing Engineering is a branch of engineering that requires knowledge, practical skills and experience in order to fully grasp, exploit and control all the engineering techniques in manufacturing process and methods of producing products. It also requires aptitude to plan for manufacturing methods, research and develop tools, process and machines as well as the ability to combine facilities and systems in the intention of producing cost-effective products in a more feasible way. Industrial Robots Hyundai Heavy
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The Manufacturing Engineering Program in UTeM is developed to instill a strong engineering foundation, so that graduates of this program are proficient in solving manufacturing engineering related problems. This will ensure graduates of manufacturing engineering are able to function effectively in their career. A manufacturing engineering graduate could pursue a career as process engineer, manufacturing design engineer, automation engineer, material engineer, quality control engineer and as a production engineer. Besides working in private and government sectors, the syllabus provides a strong foundation for its graduates to be entrepreneurs. In which ever field they decide to be involved in, we are confident that graduates of Manufacturing Engineering Degree and Diploma programs will be able to contribute to the nation's industrial development.         





Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering was officially established on the 22nd of June 2001 after approval by the then Ministry of Education. The first course offered was Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering (Manufacturing Process) in November 2001. However, foreseeing the nations fast-moving industrial development and its need for professional human resources in manufacturing engineering, the Faculty has added up new courses in the various fields of manufacturing engineering with the approval from the ministry starting from 14 April 2002.
The Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering, UTeM


  • To be a Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering which is comprehensive, excellent and recognized.


  • To carry out quality manufacturing engineering teaching and learning, research and consultancy activities that meet the current needs.


  • To Become A Creative And Innovative Learning And Knowledge Organization That Offers Practice And Application Oriented Academic Programs In The Fields Of Engineering & Technology.
  • To Lead In Research, Development, Commercialization/Innovative And Consultancy Activities Based On The Needs Of The Industry.
  • To Produce Competent Graduates With High Moral Values, Who Will Be The Preferred Choice Of The Industry.
  • To Have Competent And Highly Qualified Staff With Vast Practical Experience.
  • To Play An Effective Role As The Main Impetus To The Industrial Development Of The Nation.
  • To Establish Cooperation And Smart Partnership Between University And Industry.
  • To Provide Infrastructure And Conducive Environment To Generate And Maintain Excellent.
  • To Implement Comprehensive And Extensive Usage Of ICT In Both Academic Activities And Management Of The University.